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Hi my name is Shaun - I am the founder and operator of OnSite I.T Ltd.


I started out building and repairing systems at an established Computer Retailer in Newmarket and for a little over 8 years that was what I did. About half of that I was the lead technician for their repair department which entailed anything from custom building Servers, PC’s, to day to day fault repairs, software / viral repairs, upgrades etc..
From there I went on to work for another I.T firm that specialised in OnSite I.T administration for many firms around Auckland.
It was not until after more than 10 years in I.T I started looking into running my own OnSite I.T Support Service.
I will not deny the thought of it all was quite daunting, having a steady job and income, so running my own business with everything that went with it was very hard to just give that all up and jump in and do it, having a young family was also always on my mind with such a big undertaking and it took me a couple of years to look into everything, and to get enough courage you could say to chuck in a regular job and go it alone.

In 2007 I did just that and have never looked back – it has been well worth it and the people I support make it all possible and I enjoy being able to assist them.

I support a variety of different businesses & industries throughout Auckland from East Tamaki to Warkworth.
I have great relationships with my clients - alot of clients whom I had dealt with prior to OnSite I.T have infact tracked me down for one reason or another and I continue to support them all today.

Client interaction & the variety of different businesses I support are somethings I enjoy the most in running an OnSite I.T Support Service. Ensuring my clients are happy with the Support I offer is also a high priority for me.


I work closely with other I.T Operators - Stephen O'Hanlon from Desktop Strategies who has great experience in anything I.T and over 25 years in business. Through this relationship we share ideas, know each others clients and assist when one or the other is in need of a break.


I could go on, but in a simple statement I believe I offer a Prompt & Professional I.T Support Service, I am very down to earth, & I believe it is important to speak english not geek to all clients.


Outside of I.T I enjoy fishing & camping with family & friends. I like to go to the islands up around Orewa for day trips & the one pictured is a favorite, Beehive Island up by Kawau, like a little tropical escape.





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